A cooktop is a good investment option for adding beauty to your kitchen. It not only adds style to a kitchen but is also one of the very useful appliances in the kitchen. We rely on it to cook our daily meals, and it would be very hard living without one. Since you probably use your gas or electric cooktop regularly, it’s likely to develop some problem, at some point. Issues range from failed switches, faulty burner receptacles, malfunctioning timers, or even the control panel issue. All these issues need a qualified repairman to fix them.

Looking for cooktop repairs in Gurgaon?

Look no further! Happy repair plus Appliance Repairs is your answer to all cooktop repairs. We service and repair both electric and gas cooktops sold in the Gurgaon market. We have forged a reputation for offering good services to all our customers since 2015. Our priority is to help restore your cooktop to its ideal working good condition and help you prevent future damage so you can continue enjoying those tasty meals.

During your appointment, one of our master skilled technicians will come to your home and diagnose your cooktop, giving you the good service and pricing. We have several support centres across gurgaon and several truck to help us reach you fast and conveniently.

Why choose Happy repair plus Appliance Repairs

  • Fast and reliable repair service
  • Courteous and friendly staff
  • Qualified, experienced, and licensed technicians
  • Free phone consultation
  • cooktop repairs in Gurgaon

Common Cooktop Problems

One of the most frequent problem people deal with when it comes to cooktops is the breaker. This is not a simple problem that you can repair yourself as you might end up causing more damage to your appliance. Therefore, consult a skilled cooktop repair technician. Another common problem is the cooktop not exhale enough heat to cook food. In this case, the central problem is usually the flow of electricity. Another common problem is a malfunctioning timer, in which case, it has to be replaced.

Other cooktop issues that we repair include:

  • Knobs that don’t turn
  • Burners that won’t light
  • Cooktop element not working
  • Power not getting to your cooktop
  • Temperature constantly high
  • Leaking gas


The type of cooktops we repair

Our engineers are qualified to handle all types of cooktops, including:

  • Glass cooktop
  • Radiant coil element cooktop
  • Solid element cooktop
  • Ceramic cooktop
  • Induction cooktop


Cooktop repair for all brands

We repair every cooktop brands from leading manufacturers, which include: AEG, BOSCH, Chef, Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, Jenn-Air, Kleenmaid, Miele, LG, Omega, Gurgaon, and Whirlpool, among others.

We always use original, good quality spare parts and our fully trained, insured and licensed technicians always use factory-issued repair methods.


Our warranty

Happy repair plus Appliance Repairs give warranty on all parts used in the cooktop repair including a guarantee on all craft done on your cooktop. We offer a one year warranty on replacement parts and 3 months warranty on labour.


Cooktop repairs and maintenance tips

At Happy repair plus, we like to give our customers advice on how to tackle various problem and how to keep their appliances working efficiently for a long time. Below are some maintenance tips that will aid you to keep your cooktop performing at optimum level and prevent break down:

  • Avoid coated pans that have coloured bottoms. This is because the paint can fuse to the cooktop. Instead, stainless-steel cookware.
  • Use pans with flat, smooth bottoms to avoid rasping. Also, put up cookware instead of sliding it.

Always keep your cooktop clean. Clean the knobs using a non-abrasive cleaner

Reach out to Happy repair plus Appliance Repairs

Don’t take a chance with further damage to your cook top or even a kitchen fire; call us today on +91 8587855006. Alternatively, fill the Call Back Service on our homepage, and one of our staff will get in touch as soon as possible.

Happy repair plus Appliance Repair provides service and repair for all cooktops and range hoods of all brands in Gurugram. Our technicians are trained to find solutions to problems with cooktops and range hoods including:

  • Heating element not working
  • Burner won’t light
  • Range surface element won’t turn off
  • Oven fan won’t turn off
  • Range burners spark randomly
  • cooktop repairs in Gurgaon

Protect your range hoods and cooktops by having them inspected or repaired when you start to notice performance problem. Your stove is the centre piece of your kitchen. Without it the entire system would break up. We know how important your appliances are to you so your repair will always be given the utmost consideration. Our technicians will come ready to Rsolve any problem you throw their way cooktop repairs in Gurgaon. They are trained in the new technologies and repair methods, and will always come prepared with the very necessary tools and equipment needed for success.

Range hoods and cooktop repairs in Gurgaon often show numerous signs of issue operation such as unusual noises, leaking gas, noisy fans and much more. The reasons can be varied anywhere from oil build up, wear and tear, faulty or worn seals etc. Call our friendly consultants at HRP and we can organise to have your headache solved quickly and efficiently.

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