Happy repair plus Appliance Repair provides service and repair for all cool rooms and walk-in refrigerators of all brands in Gurgaon. Cool Room Repair and walk-ins are prevalently used in restaurants, butcher shops, super markets, food storage facilities and more.

Your cool room is essential for keeping comestibles fresh and safe. When dealing with a major commercial appliance such as a walk-in or a Cool Room Repair, you need a trained expert to do the job. Don’t risk your cool room defrosting or heat. Our skilled technicians go through extensive training to provide the most effective and newest solutions. They will always come prepared and equipped with the urgent tools for your repair. Our staff is experienced in the latest technologies and repair methods to guarantee a genuine repair. It’s their job to make sure all of your appliances, big or small, run smoothly and accurately. You will always receive a free warranty on parts and labour for your repair.

When cool rooms require repair they show signs of malfunction such as lack of cooling, unusual smells, strange sounds, leaking flowing and much more. These can often occur due to wear and tear, ageing of rubbers, hardware fault and a myriad of other reasons. Our friendly consultants are waiting and can fast and efficiently organise for a repair technician to sort out your cool room and have your business break down and running in no time. Reducing cost as well as avoiding possibly costly losses due to perishable goods going off.

For all your minor and major Cool Room Repair issues anywhere in gurgaon, choose Happy repair plus Appliance Repair. We guarantee efficient and effective services for each repair. Get in touch with our experts on +918587855006 today or fill the “Call Back Service” form for us to contact you. We also offer same-day service if you call before 12pm AEST

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